Maoz Ezra, Classical guitar
From The Times Herald Record,

"...The musicians enhanced the music they
performed with professional discrimination of
styles and exciting musicianship..."

"...For a change of pace, Ezra's playing turned
expansive and sparkling in Juaquin Malats's
Serenata Espanola..."

"...Bach's Chaconne in D minor received a
tasteful handling...He played with deliberation
in many episodes of runs, arpeggios and
sequences at different levels..."

"...The two Ezras joined forces in capturing the
playful as well as reflective moods of the
music, impressively brought to a joyful and
exuberant conclusion by the soaring and
suspended high tone of the vocalist..."
From Nylon Review.
"... A warm and charming musician..."

"...a ravishing presentation of this beautiful
arpeggio study. A fine and lyrical presentation
of Tarrega's Capricho Arabe..."

"...Maoz Ezra did an admirable job..."

"...How I wish my dear friends (...) could have
been there*. They would have been transported
directly to Heaven (as was I)..."

* in the concert
From the Bloke Spoketh blog.

"Maoz Ezra is an Israeli guitarist of whom I learnt about very recently. Extremely
talented, this maestro uses tempo and classical guitar styles from all over the world
to deliver a power packed guitar experience."