Maoz Ezra, Guitar
"...The two Ezras joined forces in capturing the
playful as well as reflective moods of the
music, impressively brought to a joyful and
exuberant conclusion by the soaring and
suspended high tone of the vocalist..."
Time Herald Record, February 26,2008
Leilah Dione  Ezra, Soprano
"...Best of all were the last set of pieces,
joined by his wife, Leilah. A warm and
charming musician like her husband, Leilah
performed these songs as tenderly as if
singing in her own household, to her own
family. How I wish my dear friends Fred Hand
and Reb Isaiah Tversky, who adore such
much, could have been there. They would
have been transported direcly to heaven (as
was I)..."
Nylon Review, February 2007